My first 4 days into Lightbit

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 16 Aug 2019

So it has been about 4 days since I started mining Lightbit and I'm glad to say that I have reached a little over 80 Lightbit so far. I mean some of them I got for 13 doges off a guy that for some reason and got 44 for that low price.

Anyway, so far I've mined about half of my total coins on 4 days. So far the coin has been listed on a few exchanges where people already are selling and buying Lightbit and I actually saw the coin being sold for 800 BTC satoshi on cryptohub.

The team is very nice and active talking with the users and pool owners and listening to the people for ideas and so on to make the coin better then it is.

I believe that this project can go big it just needs to get its name out there and with this speed, I think it won't be too long before it will be since a lot of members are actively helping to promote the project as well as finding websites to get listed and so on.

I mean I really do not have much to say than this, just wanted to give a small update to my readers that like to follow people for such things and see whats going on in the big world of crypto


Wanna learn about lightbit ? Click Here

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