Lightbit the coin that only can be CPU mined!

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 13 Aug 2019

So this is a bit different, it's a full out coin that only can be mined using your CPU. The coin has a 60 seconds block time with a very low fee as well as 10 LITB block reward for mining so right now is the time to mine before it will be halved to 5 LITB per block for the rest of the time of the coin.

At the time I'm writing this post its reached about 3500 blocks and quickly growing with more miners joining every day.

There have been no pre-sale or pre-mine, it's just straight hard-on from the start.

This project has a nice growth from start already having more than 200 people in discord on the second day.



LightBit aims to disrupt the crypto industry by lowering
transaction fees for wallet to wallet exchanges.

We built a platform for
everyday use cases

LightBit is a peer-to-peer Internet currency offering instant, low-cost fees to users around the globe.

LightBit is an open-source, a universal payment system that is fully decentralized without any governing central oversight

The network is secured by cryptography and enables people to have control of their own funds. LightBit has fast confirmations providing better user experience.

The total supply is 21 million coins


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If you want to get started with this amazing project then follow the links below to find out more.





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