How to setup Faucet in a box ultimate with

How to setup Faucet in a box ultimate with

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 22 Jan 2021

So since i've already made a detailed post about how to start your own faucets that you can find HERE i will just make a few more with other scripts that only explain how you setup the script it self and where everything is in this case. 

You can still use same host as me for this:

To start out you will have to go to and click on Faucet in the box ultimate R112 which is the latest update for this site script. 


When you click on that page you will be taken to a new page where there will be a link to the zib file of the script. Just click on the zip file and it should atuomaticly start the download of the script. 


This should only take a few seconds to download and open by it self when its done downloading.  You will now have the zip file and you will see one folder inside the zip file that you either can choose to drag out to your desktop or click on the folder to just drag over in your of your FTP program. I personally keep it in the zip file to drag over so it wont fill much on my PC.


Now you will need to login to your FTP program and connect to your hosting server so we can get started to upload the files to the web server you got. Like last post i made on the gr8 script i use my test folder to install this on tho you can still do this on any sub domain or normal domain.


Now drag the files inside the Faucet in the box ultimate folder to the right side of the FTp program you are using to upload it to your directory, in some cases if your zip file wont let you you need to drag it out on your desktop first as one folder. This upload will not take long to upload.

Now find the config.php file in your FTP and right click it and find the option edit to start editing the file.


This will open the config file that we will need to edit for it to function. You will need to make a database from your hosting panel that we will need to fill out as shown in the image below. The referral links below is if you want to make some refs on new signups from your faucet.

$dbhost = 'localhost'; <- Defualt by host
$dbuser = 'newshub_testt'; 
$dbpass = 'ultimate';
$dbname = 'newshub_testt';


Now press ctrl + s to savev the file and open your filezilla to accept the save of the file and auto upload to the server. Now if you entered the information correct you need to go to your domain/directory you installed this script on and you will be met with a screen telling your faucet password that you will need to save since its used to login to your admin panel.

Copy paste the password without the dot at the end and save in a text file and save it, then press the botton beside it to get redirected to your admin login.


When you have gone to the next page just paste in your password that you saved and press login and you should be on a page looking like the image below. You will first be met with a page where all the basic information goes like name and API information of EC. (please check my other post on how to apply for site API) You will also enter reward settings here.


The second tab is where you find your anti bot captcha's which in thise case is reCaptcham hCaptcha, SolveMedia and RainCaptcha


The third page is the shortlink page where you can setup the shortlinks services you want to use on your faucet, working like on the gr8 script with priority, how many views and your API key and if it should be on or not, and even shows rating from other faucet owners and comments and so on.


The next tab after that is your template settings where you can change all the colors you want and set all the advertising that will show on the faucet page. You can choose what ever you want, tho not too many templates to choose from tho a lot of color options.


After the Templates we have pages. This is a ssimple way to add new pages with information to your website. These pages are automaticly added to the menu of your faucet. These pages can be used with HTML so only your imagination can stop you here.


Next is the se Security tab where you can ban ip's, wallets/user id's and even whitelist ip's in case some users are having problems and also add 3rd party ip look ups for known proxy/bot ip's and even bad once.


The rest of the pages are not really anything you need to look at/none important

Now you have setup your faucet and its ready to be used by users. now you just need to deposit the coin you choose to your expresscrypto wallet and advertise your faucet in chat with the /ad command and get users to claim.

If you want a place that you can quickly exchange or buy with card to OTC price you can use for that which is one of the biggest instant exchange services out there supporting a ton of coins and tokens.


Advertising Networks



Good Shortlink Services


If you happen to have any questions please feel free to comment on the post and i will do my best to answer you as quick as possible.

Now there is just to say good luck on your road of becoming a faucet owner!

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