How to start your own faucet using

How to start your own faucet using

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 15 Jan 2021

This post will guide you all the way from starting a faucet all from finding a script to installing it and setting it up to help make it easier for people who havn't setup or run a faucet before and want to have a go at it. But before we can apply to get the API used to collect data and information on claimers so it can send crypto from your wallet to the claimers wallet.

So first you will need a good cheap host, i use the company tho i have a VPS their shared hosting services are fine for hosting a manual faucet script tho you can use any hosting provider you really feel like. Now for scripts there is a lot of free scripts out there but also paid. For a paid script you can see a suggestion of what that can look like here!

For free scripts you can get either's free version or pay for his script to get more functions or get Faucet in the box ultimate by but today i will show you to setup with the free script from which i kinda see as the best free faucet script out there and runs very well on your server and easy to setup for anyone.


Uploading the script


So first you will need to connect to your web server using the FTP information your hosting provider gives you or you make in your hosting panel no matter which kind of panel you might have. You can use a FTP program like Filezilla which i personally prefer.


As shown in the image above of my FTP program im logged in and i have made a test folder tho you can just upload it to the root of the website if you do not plan to use it for anything else, but since i'm using my domain for more then one thing i've setup the test for this guide alone.

Now go to and download the GR8 Faucet Lite script down to your PC and unzib the folder to your desktop or where you can find it your self. 


When you have downloaded the script you will need to upload it by dragging all the files to the right box on filezilla which is your hossting server and the other window your PC.

Now we have uploaded the script we will need to make a database and you can do that from your hosting panel too and if your not sure how to ask your hosting provider how to do it with your hosting panel.


You will now have to right click the config.php file in filezilla or what ever FTp program you are using and press edit from the dropdown and the file will open up in the notes program where you will need to fill in the information under "Database settings"

## Database settings
$host = 'localhost';
$database = 'gr8-lite';
$username = '';
$password = '';

Unless your hosting provider says otherwise you wont have to do anything with $host = 'localhost'; since its mainly the default with all hosts, but the rest you will have to fill in with the information you created or got given by your hosting provider with database name, username and password of your database in between the ' like the database is already shown.

Now press Ctrl + s to save the changed information, open your FTP and it should ask you to save the changes and you press yes and it should upload the new changes to the server we have done to the file.


Now go to and login, sometimes it will go to /admin/admin but just delete the first admin line in your browser and it will be all normal. The password set is the same as your database password so just write that in the password box.

Now you have a working site and will now have to apply for the API which you can do when signed up and in the setting shown below in the image.


Since i already have API i wont be able to show you have to do that, so please follow what the page says to get your website approved for API and wait a days time for it to approve the site. tho if you ahve problems getting approved please write to get help.


When you are approved for API you should have a panel that look like this (i've just filled in the info already) that you find under Payment Gateway again. you just need to fill in the needed information. User Token you will need for the API so set it as something you can remember since we will need it in the script.

Reward = How much your faucet pays per claim

Currency = The coin you want to let people claim

Time Frame = how long between claims of your faucets in seconds.

When all this information have been filled you can click Add site.


You will now have to go to "List Of Sites" where you will find all your API keys that you will need to fill in at the admin panel of your faucet script which i will also show you how to.

Tho the script is not always updated for a new coin so you can always find the code you need to edit under /script/microwallets.php and /script/functions.php to add the different coins as shown in the images below.



Now its time to fill in the API information in the admin panel of your faucet as shown below this text in the image. 

Microwallet = Expresscrypto

API Key = The long key you got from the list of sites in your payment gateway panel

User Token = the token you set when setting up the API

Currency = the coin you want people to claim

The rest of the information is up to you you can sete the time as you like in minutes tho have to match what you said when setting up the API (your faucet admin do time in minutes and not seconds like the API) and reward and so forward.

Now click Update basic settings


Under security you will find all the anti bot, proxy and so on information that you want to fill out, make sure you have more then one captcha so you give the user options to use a captcha taht they want since not everyone like the google captcha and others not the solve media captcha. 

Dont do anything with the shortlink timer since its already in the best setting

IP hub you can sign up for free and it will check all IP's if its been reported as bad or not to avoid loss of money and cheating etc.



Under Template is where you can set your menu items and advertising shown to the users using your faucet so you can generate an income for the faucet that way. Here you can also choose any of the pre-madee templates that you like to use and change the look of your frontend of the faucet.


Now last tap is Shortlinks, you aren't required to use this function but a good idea if you dont want to lose money every claim since ads aren't paying enough to cover that. 

i will quickly go through one of the best shortlink services there is, which also is listed on the shortlink page as shown below


Today we will go with which is one of the highest paying shortlink services out there and been around for a good amount of time. Tho its recommened to look up any shortlink service since there is some bad services out there.

When signed up to you simply just have to go to Tools > Developer API and look for "Your API Token" and copy it and paste it into the API key box in your admin panel. 


You admin panel will tell you the max amount of views if you hover your mouse over the views box of the shortlink service you have choosen, the priority box is just to set on what claim you want it to be shown. so eg if you write 1 it will be the first shortlink service to get seen by the user.

Now when you have set API's and such scroll down all the way and click Update shortlinks to save your information.

Now you have setup your faucet and its ready to be used by users. now you just need to deposit the coin you choose to your expresscrypto wallet and advertise your faucet in chat with the /ad command and get users to claim.

If you want a place that you can quickly exchange or buy with card to OTC price you can use for that which is one of the biggest instant exchange services out there supporting a ton of coins and tokens.


Advertising Networks



Good Shortlink Services


If you happen to find a shortner that isn't listed in your script you can add it your self under /script/shortlinks.php and follow the examples on how it should look like and fill in the information given by the URL shortner like CPM, views per 24 hours etc.

If you want to see a fully working version (paid version) you can go find my main faucet at and claim from it too if you have an EC account to claim with.

If you happen to have any questions please feel free to comment on the post and i will do my best to answer you as quick as possible.

Now there is just to say good luck on your road of becoming a faucet owner!

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