How to Earn Tron and Tron Tokens with Tronscan
How to Earn Tron and Tron Tokens with Tronscan

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 25 Mar 2019

So i recently posted about Tron on facebook where some people was asking me about how to get the tokens i had in my wallet. Its very simple to get these Tokens and i will show you how to in this post.

You will first have to go to and download the Tronwatch desktop app, the mobile app or make an account on to get started.

I will be using the Tronwatch desktop app for this post.

When you have created your wallet you will need to fill it with atleast 10 Tron, you can easy exchange to tron with either changelly or shapeshift from any coins you might have.

As you can see i already have Frozen my Tron but i will still be showing you how its done with below images 

First you would need to click on Freeze TRX, its ofc located somewhere else on the app and tronscan but should be easy to find.

You will now have to write in the amount you want to freeze and click freeze, you will need to do the same when you unfreeze your freezed amount after 3 days to freeze it again.

Now you will have Tron Power and you have one tron power per 1 tron you have frozen.

Go to the voting tap/page and find the representative you want to put your votes on, have in mind that the is different rewards from the different 
 representatives, but i useally go with Tron europe since i started and they have given me a good amount of tokens and even TRX back for voting on them.

TRON-Europe is a Super Representative of the TRON Blockchain. We have made it our goal to represent and promote TRON in Europe and use our rewards to increase the value of the TRX Coin.


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