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Dlive the blockchain based live streaming platform.

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 7 Aug 2019

So talking about apps running on blockchains and so on, today we will talk a little about Dlive which is one of the newer streaming platforms out there that have great support from a big Youtuber known as PewDiePie that actually helped grow the platform with over 67% since the partnership between Dlive and PewDiePie.

Compared to Twitch, Dlive makes it easy to be found and if you are growing well you will reach the top page as a content creator on the rise for at least 24 hours.



Donations and Affiliate

So besides that, you can still use services like streamlabs on the platform to get donations you will also be able to receive donations from the platforms build in Lino token all from just one token up to 10,000 tokens in a single donation. These tokens can be paid out to your bank account as fiat or to any bitcoin address when you reach min payout.


The affiliate/partner system is a bit different then twitch, first of all, you only need 200 followers to become an affiliate but no requirements on streaming hours so far I can see when I had a look into the platform.

Partners and global partners do get a lot more than an affiliate like on twitch but still way different compared to twitch.

If you are a streamer Click Here to become a streamer and help me out with 2000 Lino tokens for completing the requirements.


Requirements for a successful referral

Register DLive account via the referral link Read and follow the Community Guidelines Stream more than 1 hour for at least 2 times within the 10-day referral period Peak CCU (The highest number of viewers watching the stream at the same time) must be over 30 100+ followers within the 10-day referral period   The money will be put forward a Mental health charity    

Affiliate program

Compared to twitch Dlive have 2 affiliate programs, one from referring Streamers and another from just gaining the site viewers. Streamers give you 2000 Lino points which are about 20 dollars worth of Lino points if they meet the requirements within the 10 days and 50% commission doing the 10 days of the streamer's income.

User signups just give you 1% if everything for life of what they use on the platform when it comes to donations to streamers and so on.


The streamer dashboard

The streamer dashboard is nice and clean and easy to use giving you all the needed information to stream, like chat, new followers, subscribers, and Lino donations as well as the number of viewers, followers, and earnings in that one stream. You can also see your top Lino donator and perhaps who wins the top spot in the donation war for the top spot to be special.


Click here to Join

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