BTCPOP - Staking - Faucet - Lending and exchange in one!

BTCPOP - Staking - Faucet - Lending and exchange in one!

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 9 Sep 2019

Well, I wanted to write about this site because it's rather special compared to a lot of other sites out there. To be fair I haven't seen any other site that is somewhere close to this. 

BTCPOP has a lot of things you can do within the site, tho some of them take you to verify your self as a person before you can use the lending system. That said when u are verified you can either borrow bitcoin and earn a commission from that or lend it for anything like a business idea.

Faucet and staking

The faucet allows you to claim every 30 minutes mostly master node coins but if you claim a masternode coin it will automatically be added to your staking pool once a day and from that automatically make you more crypto from that coin that you or your affiliates claimed.


The more you have of one coin the more you will get from the staking



BTCPOP does have an exchange and its all the coins it also has a faucet for and is all paired with Bitcoin so you can just sell all your faucet claims to someone that just wants to get more for their staking or well just want that one coin. BTCPOP has well over 300 coins you can claim and trade so go crazy!

They do have cloud mining with BTCPOP but they all sold out!



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