Blockchain based OS - would it work ?

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 27 Aug 2019

Well to be fair, its a very good question if a blockchain-based PC or phone OS actually would work. I do have my doubts in some areas where I think that it could fuck more up then do good and I will go around it in this post as well as good things.

So, first of all, we know that blockchain works well when it comes to websites and Dapps, but they are also connected at all time to the blockchain and internet (well mostly) where computers and smartphones aren't really connected at all time because you turn off your PC when u go to sleep (well some people don't) and not everyone can afford to be connected to the internet of all time on their phone.

So this is the problem I think there could be.

  • Needing both in need of internet and that the connected node working
  • If files hosted on the chain, if the connection to the nodes isn't working your system is useless
  • not many software or games will work with the system.

This is what could be good

  • More space if files are hosted on the chain
  • More developers going to make games and software for blockchain OS
  • easier tools to make Dapps and do blockchain work or even hosting on the blockchain like u can do with windows and Linux.

Well, I know its not much at this time, but all I really could come up with right now, but I will make sure to read more into it and perhaps update this post there more I get on.

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