A look into the Coinbase wallet App

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 18 Aug 2019

So I never actually wrote a good review on the Coinbase wallet app. No, it's not coinbase.com where you can buy crypto using your card, this is a fully decentralized wallet app for your phone.

Compared to the Metamask Coinbase wallet isn't only supporting ETH and all it tokens but also normal coins like Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar tho tokens for other coins like Stellar isn't supported as yet tho hoping it will be the case later.

The Coinbase wallet is very sleek and easy to use and very fast compared to a lot of wallets out there. It takes no time to load the wallet or the dapp browser that also includes a lot of Dapps and more getting added all the time so you always can reach your favorite Dapps.


Now hold my beer, Coinbase wallet support sending to wallet usernames that you set up when you create your wallet so you won't need to get the full address to transfer crypto to someone else that has the wallet.

Not only that you can connect your mobile wallet to your coinbase.com account and transfer from your coinbase.com account to your mobile wallet when you bought some crypto there, and you can transfer it back the same way without having to deal with addresses and such, and the coinbase system does it all.


You have 10 wallet accounts if you look in the advanced section of your setting page and you can also change network on all coins like mainnet and testnet and reposten for ETH and all the other networks ETH supports.

The wallet does of course support all the world's fiat currencies so you can see the amount you have in your local currency, tho I have mine in Euros since a lot of the stuff I use is in Euro.

The security is at the top and you can choose the way the app is locked with a password or biometrics (finger scanner) when you need to open the app or get into your recovery phrase.

With Coinbase wallet you can do everything from your phone in one app you can trade, earn by lending/borrow money, play games or earn money doing tasks on websites or even buy through decentralized marketplaces. This is just a small amount of the things you can do from the Dapp browser so have a look around when you download the app to your phone.

This has clearly become my favorite wallet app to use since it supports all the coins and tokens I use.


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