A life in depression (Charity Post)

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 3 Jan 2020

So let me start out with saying all tips to this post will be donated to charity in form of a mental health charity and not only that, i will match that number out of my own funding. So if you care tip a bit more to this post than you normally would do on a post. I make this post to teach people about it and hopefully tell people with depression or other mental health issues its okay to seek help.


So i have lived with a depression for what seems like ages now, tho its only been about 3 years and started on my 4th, but sometimes days can just be feeling so long because you have to deal with a lot more that just make time go slow and more painful. I do take medication to help me, but the medication only make it a bit more easy to cope with, its not gonna fix all your problems or what makes you depressed, it can just sometimes give you a break to think more clear to actually work out on whats making you depressed.

Even tho i always working on getting forward and out of this hell i still made up with my self that i might have to live in this hell the rest of my life, there is no guarantee that everything will be good again, you can just learn to live with it and make the most out of what you have and give that a reason to stay alive because someone actually love you and maybe you love some of those people too.

You quickly learn to appreciate just the smallest things that can just make your day better in some way, every laugh and smile you get to do now and than in a time that is very hard, just those small things is what can change a lot for you that day no matter if its a friend or girlfriend or maybe a close family member that can do that small thing to make your day way better.  

Even tho i'm against taking my own life i still have been close to do so a few times, its like you just lose control over your actions in the moment and you just do not think clear enough to see what you do is wrong and i quickly learned that even tho i'm against it i'm still in the risk of it, but so far i have managed to snap out of the problems before i actually took action even tho it might have been inches away from it. I don't actually know if i would have been alive today if i hadn't reached out to get help, i mean i know its not everyone that is lucky enough to have it for free, but its not about that, either invest in your self or find someone close to you to help you because those someone no matter if a doctor or not can still in some way help you.


It doesn't matter who you are, even the hardest or riches person can be hit by depression in some way if you do not talk about whats bothering your or cope with it at least so it just keep on burning inside you out. I learned this the hard way and i am paying for it now while i'm still learning about my self and what i can do the prevent it from now on.

Do you have any stories you want to share about mental issues from your self or a friend or someone else well post it in the comments of this post and lets just get it out of our system, the first step is to open up about it instead of hiding it.

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