When bots are a good idea

By ChaosSeeder | Fauceteer 2.0 | 20 May 2020

Hello friends:

Here I offer you the opportunity to get free bitcoin thanks to Bots.

Bots themselves are not a bad idea, a person in order to make 10000 Satoshis needs at least 10 hours of work, most times a lot more. Instead, these bots work every minute of the day, so we get some money without the hassle of having to stay in front of a pc or a mobile to make those 10000 btc sats.

The problem comes when the person who runs the faucet website is not paid of their ads. Ads sadly are the backbone of all faucets, and only if people or bots in this case click on the ads, the faucet owner gets paid. Most bots block all ads, in part because the ads may contain miners and other pieces of malware, as in, viruses, trojans, highjackers, etc.

Now, if you do not care where your bitcoin comes from, and you only want to profit, you can check this site out.

Or without my referral:

Now keep in mind that if you upgrade to any of the Trading bots or Mining bots, you get a 10000 BTC sats cashback, only if you use my referral link, and you pay for the upgrade of the bots.

Here are some screenshots:




That's all, happy earning, and do not forget to tip!


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