Bitcoin Spin - Like taking chances?

By ChaosSeeder | Fauceteer 2.0 | 19 May 2020

Hello all:

I will dedicate this first entry on my blog to talk about Bitcoin Spin.

What is Bitcoin Spin?

Bitcoin spin is a free faucet where you sign up and then you play the Spin Wheel. You can get up to 20 satoshis per one single spin, down to 5 satoshis, every 15 minutes. The good perk is that it offers a 10% extra, depending on how many rolls you make and how many sats you make in 24 hours.

Is it legit or fake?

According to Beer Money Forum (source) it is legit.

How to earn fast from it?

Easy, invite as many friends (or foes) to the site using your referral link. The good thing is that they offer 50% extra per each of your referrals' rolls. So let us say one of your friends you referred with your link earns 100 satoshis in one day. At the end of the day, you will receive 50 satoshis from that referral.

What's the URL?

Official URL:

My personal URL:

Is there any bounty following your link?

If you want, follow my url to earn an extra of 1000 BTC satoshis WHEN I CASH OUT! Write me an email to [email protected] WITH A SCREENSHOT of you using my referral at sign up.When I withdraw, I will send you an email with a discord link for you to receive your payment. Payments will be done with

Thanks, and enjoy your day!

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