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By Newby81 | Faucet Strategies | 12 Jul 2021

I've been playing on the BCS Network recently, and figured out I needed to collect some BNB in order to pick up some promising tokens. So here's my strategy for collecting BNB for free. 


You will need a couple of "collection" sites that faucets pay into. The 2 that you will need are ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay. At the current time, ExpressCrypto is in the process of setting up to receive BNB, so get ready. 

The Faucets:

Once you have your user ids and wallet addresses on these "collector" sites, you need sign up on the following faucets:

Final Autofaucet


The first 3 faucets are related and work pretty much the same. So once you sign on, click on the "Free Token" tab on the left side of the screen. You can earn FCT tokens to use for claiming BNB or other coins you may be interested in. I recommend the CPXResearch surveys under the Offerwall tab. If you prefer shortlinks, my favorite are PingIt, AdBull, and AdShort. They don't have as many pop-ups and redirects, although there are some. 

Once you have FCT tokens, click on the Auto Claim tab under the Faucet tab on the left side of the screen.


Select the coin you would like to claim and the other options - note there are bonus percentages you can select - I recommend you take advantage of them. 




Final Autofaucet is one of the best faucets for collecting crypto. Part of the Dutchy empire, there are a number of ways to earn "Dutchy" to facilitate your claims. As with the faucets mentioned above, I also recommend the surveys. There are also 2 roll games and the ability to stake Dutchy to earn more. 

The roll games and other earning options are found by clicking on the Bitcoin Logo. The Dutchy Roll earns Dutchy for faucet claims. The Coin Roll pays a certain amount of a coin, which changes monthly. This faucet pays an increasing percentage based on your level. It also pays 20% extra on weekends, so I recommend earning Dutchy during the week, then running the autoclaim all weekend. 20% is a nice little bonus. 


While you're waiting for the weekend, you can stake your Dutchy to earn more. The staking tab it labeled "Interests" above. 

The claim window in on the main page and you can select to claim any or all of 52 different coins. BNB is one of the options. 


Final Autofaucet has it's own wallets, and once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you can withdraw to either ExpressCrypto or to a direct wallet. An associated site, Express Faucet, only pays to ExpressCrypto, but does not support BNB yet. Both are nice faucets and are feature rich. 

ECMining interfaces nicely to ExpressCrypto. It really has 2 faucets on the main dashboard page. One pays PM, or Power Mining that converts into whatever coin you want to claim. The other is TC Coins, which you can exchange for PM or buy into periodic airdrops. There is also a staking function for TC Coins that pays 10-20% APR on staked coins. Each faucet is on a 10 minute timer, so you can visit often. 




At the time of publication, ECMining allows for claiming BNB, but ECMining hasn't completed the integration yet. But it's coming!




As always, thanks for reading my post and I hope you have found it interesting and helpful. Until next time, happy claiming!

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