Best Bitcoin Faucets of 2020

By Bologna | Faucet Living | 20 Oct 2020

Faucets are one of the most accessible ways of earning Bitcoin for beginners. Here are some of the best Bitcoin Faucets that I've come across that all deposit in to one wallet. 

#1 Moon Bitcoin

This is one of the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin faucets on this list. The base rate is currently 1 satoshi every 5 minutes, but unlike other faucets, Moon Bitcoin accumulates your claim amount the longer you wait. Meaning if you claim every 5 minutes, you get 1 satoshi, every 10 minutes results in 2 satoshi, 3 satoshi after 15 minutes, and so forth accumulating at 1 satoshi per 5 minutes, allowing you to claim at your own pace without any loss. On top of these bonuses, you also earn a loyalty bonus of 1% every day you log in, allowing for a potential of 100% extra every claim. On top of the loyalty bonus, there is also a mystery bonus that ranges from 1% to 100% every claim, potentially allowing you to get 300% of every claim! Here's a link to Moon Bitcoin

#2 Bitfun

Bitfun is another faucet associated with Coinpot and Moon Bitcoin and it has a slightly higher base payout rate. However there is no loyalty or mystery bonus for this faucet. This one may not earn quite as much as the other two on the list, but it is certainly worth including in your claiming. Here's a link to Bitfun

#3 Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin might be my favorite of the Coinpot bitcoin faucets. The base claim is higher on this faucet than both of the other faucets listed, with an average of 9-12 satoshi every 15 minutes. On top of what you claim, you get a 5% bonus of everything you've claimed for the previous 3 days, allowing for a nice bonus as the name implies. Make sure to change claim settings at the bottom to receive an average instead of a random amount as it will almost pay out better.  Here's a link to Bonus Bitcoin

#4 Rollercoin

This faucet is quite different from the other faucets in a number of ways. One important distinction is that Rollercoin is not associated with the Coinpot wallets like the other faucets are, but it does allow for direct withdrawal to your own wallet like coinpot does. The method of claiming is different as well, instead of receiving a predetermined amount every so often, you receive an amount proportional to how many minigames you play in a one week period, allowing for your time to directly translate in to money in a way that other faucets can't. This faucet also allows for passive income, another highly attractive feature of this faucet. These 4 faucets work best when used in conjunction with one another and can allow for a serious monetization of your down time. Here's a link to Rollercoin

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