Altcoin Faucet with Huge Variety

By Bologna | Faucet Living | 18 Feb 2021

Btcpop is an excellent faucet for anyone who wants to claim any altcoins. This site has a bigger variety of altcoins than any other faucet I've ever come across! If you can think of a token, you can probably claim it on here. You do need to Btcpop account to use the faucet. You can claim every 30 minutes, allowing for 48 maximum possible claims per day. Many of these altcoins are also proof-of-stake, allowing your faucet earnings to compound a little bit. 


Here's a Link to Btcpop

Other Tested and Paying Faucets

Here's a Link to Rollercoin

Here's a Link to Dualmine

Passive Income with No Investment + $5 Signup Bonus

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