PipeFlare faucet with instant ZEC payouts
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PipeFlare faucet with instant ZEC payouts

By Base222 | Faucet fever | 14 Sep 2021

Unless you are untouched about crypto faucets concept, lets repeat just basic facts:

- faucets are pages airdropping some free crypto.

- usually you have to register (just use any gmail) and do some clicking and aptcha. But beside that, no investment is mandatory.

- on most sites you can invest to earn more, but there is quite a risk of course and questionable ROI.

- many of those faucets have quite high minimum withdraw limit, effectively preventing to get anything in reasonable time. Dut the PipeFlare described here has no minimum limit at all.

- and of course dont expect to get rich for click + captha. Its really just some free cents.


So lets get back to PipeFlare faucet, as I was suprised how few clicks were needed to get some minimum reward.

Registration is easy https://pipeflare.io/r/bm0s

(just use address pipeflare.io, if you hate me as referral)


To get to your first reward:

1) Go to daily rewards:

PipeFlare tab

2) Fill in Zcash (ZEC) wallet address (optional):

If you dont fill it, you will just collect rewards and withdraw later.

PipeFlare faucet

3) Press Claim button.

See, it could not be easier.

I used Trust wallet in mobile for Zcash address, but could be any wallet. Which supports ZEC.


Of course this was just proof of work, as the reward is extremely small.

To get closer to something worth mentioning, you have few options to multiply rewards:

- link social network accounts

PipeFlare link socials

- switch to premium account (free for limited time)

- of course referrals are great source of upgrades

- play games and collect Flare rewards

- use Brave browser for all those actions


Other easy sources of income at PipeFlare are games and AirDrops.

You can play web games to get Flare rewards and also some DAI (automatically converted to ZEC) for weekly leaderboards.

With Flare you can get some multiply power-ups, but also participate in nice AirDrops. AirDrops are distributed to Flare holders, so pile-up those you get from games.


As said from start, dont expect this simple clicking to replace your job. Its few nice easy bits (unless you can pile up tons of referrals of couse).


And if you want to join my referral army, here are some links:





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Faucet fever

Just some reliable faucets to waste a bit of time.

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