- biggest giveaway in crypto - lambo nr. 5 won wheel - biggest giveaway in crypto - lambo nr. 5 won

By Base222 | Faucet fever | 25 Oct 2021 is one of oldest faucet and lottery site at market. Present since 2013 and with many millions of users.

It delivers few satoshis for free, but also great betting games, weekly lottery and on top of that "WIN A LAMBO" golden ticket lottery.

First (and only) price is a lambo, or $200 000 in BTC. Well, as its worldwide winners will probably choose BTC.

So lucky user nr. 6922573 just won over 3 BTC.

("do you want a lambo or 3 BTC", how silly question just few years ago, right?)

Freebitco lambo


So if you feel lucky get to next contest. You need to collect at least few golden tickets (last winner had 473 tickets out of 1,167,477, which is still better chance then most old world lotteries).

To collect those golden tickets:

1. Create free account

(you can collect few free satoshis at faucet, but wont be enough for golden ticket)

2. Make sure to subscribe for daily wheel of fortune, with much better rewards then faucet.

3. Get lucky (or just deposit some BTC).

4. You will extra golden ticket with each 500,000 satoshis wagered. Or you can buy one per 25,000 satoshis. 


The wagering can be done onHi-Lo dice game:

Hi-lo dice

or sports and events betting:

Freebitco betting


As the golden lottery just started, you will have to wait 175 days (well, more time to collect some of those tickets).

If you want to know the details about the draw, just check their "provably fair" system on the site. So far I didnt found a loophole in it, but sure let me know in the comments if you find one.

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Faucet fever
Faucet fever

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