How to make bitcoin 2020

How to make bitcoin 2020

Hello, today let's talk about how to start making bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. If you already know what bitcoins are and you want to start here is a short guide on how to proceed.

First we need a wallet, i.e. a wallet to store our bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. There are different types of wallets, bitcoin wallets are free and available for the main devices and operating systems to meet the most varied needs. For example, you can install an application on your mobile phone for daily use or you can have a wallet to make only online payments on your PC or there are hardware wallets that can hold your bitcoins in a stick. In any case, choosing a wallet is easy and takes a few minutes.

For starters here are some free and reliable online wallets.


probably the most reliable where to store your bitcoins.


This is also very reliable and for me the best where to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


The safest wallet for ethereums and for receiving airdrops of new cryptocurrencies.

There are many others but beware that around and full of rip-offs. If you are determined to make a wallett follow very carefully what the site tells you while you are doing the wallett, mark everything, (password, mnemonic phrase, keys ..) remember that there is your money on it and it would not be nice not to be able to access the wallet.

Now that you have your wallett let's see how we can fill it.

There are many ways to get bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, for example, buy them, make faucets (that is, taps that make you earn to see advertising and click), mine them, invest, trade etc. etc.

1: If you want to buy them you can do it both on blockchain and on a coinbase with a credit card, even prepaid ones, I use postepay and I buy on coinbase where you can also buy only € 2 of bitcoin and you can also buy other cryptocurrencies.

2: Faucets are sites and apps that once registered, you must click every hour or every minute to earn bitcoin pieces. Generally you need to reach a minimum withdrawable on your wallet. Be careful also where you sign up here, they don't give you money but time to click and then they don't pay you. Here are some paying sites and apps.


one of the oldest, hourly clicks, multiplier and annual interest. withdraw (withdrawal) at 30000 sat






These 3 pay on

They cumulate together and can be taken at 10000 sat. On coinpot you can also receive other cryptocurrencies thanks to the moon faucets below. You should first sign up for coinpot and then for faucets. 

Faucet app, pay only on coinbase, the second wallett marked above.

1: BCH

2: LTC

3: BTC


3: Mining Bitcoins: Mining is a distributed consensus system. This means that a large number of people around the world participate in the management of the Bitcoin network. Mining is a term used to describe the process of validating transactions waiting to be included in blockchain technology. From here the discussion becomes more complex, but you can still mine thanks to the cloud mining of the companies that have the equipment to be able to mine where you can rent the machines and then obtain bitcoins.

Here are some examples:


This mining cloud is a browser that makes you mine for free


Cloud mining for free but you can also buy power to mine. More faucet.




4: Invest. There are many sites to invest in but many sites means a lot of cheating. These sites open and close like nothing for now I recommend these.



5: Another method to earn cryptocurrencies is on Telegram, a social network similar to WhatsApp but with more functions and bots. And many interesting channels and groups.

This is my public channel.

Once you have installed Telegram you can use these bots to earn free cryptocurrencies by clicking link and withdraw them directly on your wallet.






This is another bot but requires investments.

Here too the recommendations are always the same and full of scam bots.

6: you can also earn crypto currencies from this beautiful blog. Here is the registration link

Or this

Thanks to all for reading for questions contact me on telegram or comment below. Greetings to all.

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Faucet Bitcoin cripto airdrop
Faucet Bitcoin cripto airdrop

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