Coingecko: Free NFTs and Free E-books

By Fgeletterd | Michielangelo's Gems | 13 Feb 2022

We all know Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The 2 leading websites to track the whole Crypto world. And they are pretty similar, but not at the same time. In this blog I would like to give you a short review of the app.

The home screen gives you Mr. Market. Literally by scrolling down you will find all Crypto projects. Which are 12,000 coins across 500+ exchanges. Scrolling through them might not be the fastest, but the option is there. Next to that enormous list you get categories, where you can categorize them all: from Stablecoins to Memecoins to Ecosystems. Pretty handy and really widens your search range when you do some research.


Next to categories we hit exchanges. Surprise, Binance is the biggest. It is actually really cool to see how safe the platforms are and how much volume is traded on there. More than that I don't really do there. If I want to know where a certain coin is traded, I just go to the page of the coin. Next to the exchanges you see deratives, not much to see their either.


This is actually the coolest function of the app (besides the main function ofcourse, which is to actually track Crypto). Everyday you can collect some candies, and even set a reminder for it. From those candies you can ´buy' cool things for free. As example, for 800 candies you got yourself a free NFT book. So free education, awesome right?


To put it in a list, with candies you can buy:
-Tickets to giveaways/lotteries
-NFT Badges
-Coupons, $ of % off. 
-Free VPN for a year

The list is quite big and you have plenty of options. Sometimes they add new ones. When I just started they didn't give away NFT's and now they do. It is nice that they add new things and get some variation. And you know what the best part is? It does NOT take months to get NFT's or E-books or what so ever. The E-book from the picture above is 800 candies and the current NFT is 600. Which is like max 3 weeks of doing 1 click everyday. And that is not bad for the cool gifts you get.

Portfolio! Ofcourse you can set favorites, price targets, alarms & notifications and just check everything on every single one of them. What I find really convenient is to quickly check the market caps and current prices. So I do not have to open multiple exchanges and stuff to track the prices of the coins I own. What I do not do, is actually type in all the amounts of Crypto I have in the section. I just check the coinprices and I have enough with that. Ofcourse it is possible to fill everything out manually and you will be able to see a lot of information on your portfolio, like how much percentage of you complete portfolio is in certain coins. For me that is not really necessary as I change often and buy small amounts often.

Explore is a great feature, full with crypto news articles, blogs, podcasts and newsletters. Better than google to do research on Crypto or go for the lookout on cool new projects!

With their 200% userbase growth between january 2021 and november 2021, I am sure they will add more cool stuff in the future.

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Michielangelo's Gems
Michielangelo's Gems

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