Take Your heart

Take Your heart

By FastWind | fastwind-poetry | 26 Feb 2020

Take your heart
In your hand
And feel it twitch
How it lives
How it rebels
How it cannot be contradicted
Because it is.
What makes you special

Take your heart
And keep it safe
As it shelters you
From the beginning

Carry your heart
As it carries you
And begin to eavesdrop

What does it say?
What is it whispering?
What yearns?
What hungers?
Are you thirsty?

Is there a thirst quencher?
If so - Which one?
Did it help?

Or can you still feel...
... hunger

According to truth
And realization?

Become still.
Envelop yourself in your soul bed
And let yourself fall

There is no abyss
Only one reason

And on this
Shall your heart land softly

* For you *

© FastWind

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