An unexpected blessing

By FastWind | fastwind-poetry | 26 Feb 2020


One morning I was walking through the many streets and alleys of Palermo. It was a beautiful morning in March and the people were friendly. The morning light delighted me as a photographer and so I finally landed at the cathedral of Palermo.

An imposing building, very pagan in style but still full of catholic faith. But much different in its charisma than we know it from Germany. In no Sicilian church that I ever entered, I found the heaviness, this oppressive burden as we know it here in Germany. The faith is lived differently and is much more friendly.

I looked at the cathedral, the images of the saints, smiling at the zodiac embedded in the foundation and the play of light on it, which broke through the church windows. After I had seen enough, I decided to leave.

On the way I was stopped by the bright eyes of a nun who came towards me. She looked more closely than other people and saw that I was fine for the moment, but deep in my heart I was not at that time. So she asked me in fine, clean Italian to sit down on one of the pews. I sat down and she gave me a very special blessing, and this with such strength that she could have been a priestess. While she was giving her blessing, the whole world around us disappeared and was reborn afterwards. A beautiful spell that I will not forget.

Thank you for it.

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