Episode 70: Is The World Falling Apart?!?!

We've got republicans and democrats fighting, wars overseas, men and women at odds, the economy on the brink of collapse, a US presidential election, and so many things that one could wonder if this truly is the end times. This was discussed on this episode of my podcast. Hint: I still believe God is in control! (moon landing links below)

- 2:00 Play On - by Fast Heart Mart (banjo)
- 23:44 Working Class Hero - by John Lennon (banjo)
- 35:23 Mayan Prophecy -by Fast Heart Mart (guitar)
- 43:35 Everything Alright - by Fast Heart Mart (banjo)
- 57:49 Crazy Train - by Ozzy Osbourne (banjo)

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Stanley Kubric admits he filmed the moon landing. There' a longer video somewhere, but this all I could find right now :

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Fast Heart Mart
Fast Heart Mart

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The Fast Heart Mart Podcast
The Fast Heart Mart Podcast

This podcast is about my adventures and misadventures as a full time musician and other topics in these days of the beginning and or end. You can also listen to The Fast Heart Mart Podcast on Spotify and all your other favorite sites.

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