Episode 45: SoCal Hurricane and Folk Singers Gettin' Famous

I fled San Diego California and headed to Phoenix Arizona for a few days thinking hurricane Hilary was going to make me a Claifornia refuge living in a FEMA camp. Well, the storm didn't cause any problems so I came home after about 36 hours in Arizona. Everybody keeps sending me this Oliver Anthony song called "Richmen North Of Richmond" . I can't be the only envious musician out there wondering "this guy has only been at it for a few years and he's taking off". However, the more I get to know Oliver Anthony and his music, the more I like him. He deserves all the attention and he's inspiring me to return heavily to my guitar songwriting as people seem to be really resonating with these types of songs.

Songs on this podcast:
-Silent Running - By Mike and The Mechanics
-Richman by Fast Heart Mart
-Where Have All The Average People Gone? - Roger Miller Cover
-Let’s All Solve This - by Fast Heart Mart
-CoronaCoaster Blues - by Fast Heart Mart
-Frustrated - by Fast Heart Mart
-Wonderful World - Louise Armstrong Cover

Oliver Anthony's song "Richmen North Of Richmond" is here: https://youtu.be/sqSA-SY5Hro?si=FVGdXGeM6TAnpyS1

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The Fast Heart Mart Podcast

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