Let's All Solve This - Original World Peace Song on banjo and cajon

We can't blame all our problems on others. We are all the problem and and we're all the solution. I've been inspired by how much Oliver Anthony Music resonates with people these days. Here's hoping my song "Let's All Solve This" or one of my other songs will do the same.

I love the song "Richmen North Of Richmond" BUT my biggest critique is that it is putting the blame on the rich. In a lot of ways we are all responsible for the reality we have created. We can't blame all our problems on others. We are all the problem and and we're all the solution. Everybody has a gift and a part to play.

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper": songwriter, singer, Goldtone EB-5 banjo and video edit
Q Rich Ortiz on: cajon

lyrics: There's so many problems That we'll all have to solve them Everybody come together and find a way Life is a blessin’ So we better keep livin’ Better enjoy ourselves each and everyday But there’s always something Trying to keep us strugglin' but if we unify we can break the chains We can blame the president and the corrupt government We can blame a myriad of unpleasant things But we’re all the problem And we’re all the solution Everyone has a gift and part to play I know I’m not innocent I know that I’m pollutin’ every time I drive my car on the freeway But I’m always tryin’ and I keep recyclin’ anything to save us from a doomsday Recorded live July 23, 2023 at Hillcrest Farmers' market in San Diego, CA.

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