Explaining The Name Fast Heart Mart

 Hello There Fast Heart Mart Supporters!

I hope this message finds you well, if not, blame all solar eclipses, Mercury going retrograde, and all the the other astrological events that are occurring above our heads all the time these days ;) 

If life feels hectic to you right now, it might help you to imagine we are currently in a rip current that is pulling us out to sea. When someone is caught in a rip current it is usually best to surrender to the flow and let it take you where it wants to because most people aren't strong enough to fight it. When the rip current stops and it drops you off you can begin to swim again. Until then, relax as much as you can and enjoy the ride ;) 

Episode 40:
Explaining The Name 
Fast Heart Mart 


Please excuse me for being out of touch so far this year. It's been pretty hectic for me. The SoCal winter was very wet, my car has had major mechanical problems, my heart needs surgery, and one of my best friends was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. You can hear all about it in the newest podcast episode as well as an explanation for where the name "Fast Heart Mart" comes from. 

 There Has Been Lots Of Music Too 

I'm not complaining though! The year may have been hectic so far, but I have lots to be thankful for as well, which I also mention in the podcast episode. I am happy to say that I have been making good money playing music and I have been playing quite a bit. Here are some videos I made of some live performances so far this year

Here's a video of Jamie Shadowlight, Smokey Joe and I playing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" 

Here is a video of Saki, Smokey Joe and I playing my song "Play On" which is supposed to be about feeling like we live aboard the Titanic. 

And here is a video of Jamie Shadowlight, Smokey Joe and I playing my song "Invincible" which is sort of about turning 100 years old. 

Upcoming Shows Around San Diego: 

I am hoping that my surgery goes smoothly next Wednesday May 17th. If it does, the doctors tell me I can be back to playing shows in 2 weeks. I'll be having my first official performance after the surgery on Saturday June 3rd at Helix Brewing in San Diego, California.
Too many other gigs to mention here.
Go to www.fastheartmart.com/shows for complete list.


Well, that's enough for this month Fast Heart Martyrs! Write back and say hello if you get a chance :) 

"Fast Heart" Martin Stamper
May 11 2023 
San Diego CA

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