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Alpha Open Ship Undocked and Warping

 Hailing Coms Active! 

  Dec 14th is here and so is the much-awaited Alpha for FarSight!

  I have not been disappointed! The first reveal is wonderful, showing us the Hangar in our homestead station and the Undocking process. I hope you have been able to follow along with the games progress, this was all new to me today.

Once out of the Station you then have the ability to choose a planet to warp to, warping takes on average in my current ship about 2 minutes, may be longer for outer rim planets. But that is only assumed, warping is an auto pilot action. Meaning while warping no navigation can be altered, until you come out of warp. Travel is visual and pretty cool. The graphics are actually better than I expected, very nice. 

After you have arrived at your planetary destination, you can the view sectors and respective resources found in that sector. Hopefully you will find an unoccupied sector. More planets to be explored very soon. Ownership of a sector gives you the right set up mining and refining operations. Once established you can then mine resources and other materials, some requiring refining, some not. All of these actions will require the spending of credits, incidental to building your personal ecosystem. Goes like this. Explore/acquire/settle/mine/refine/trade or build and equip. Possibilities are endless....Oh and this game is just getting started. Get your crates! Get your invite! Get yours! 

As we progress here, I will go over more of the game dynamics in detail in micro blogs about specific aspects and how to navigate them with best possible outcome.

Until then Hailing Comms Are Open!


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Link to CryptoHustler Alpha Demo

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