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Mining Resources from an Astersoid

Alpha Crates with a 5X Credits Bouns! and 30% off Crates

   Farsite The Project! The Game! The Communities! About to be Legendary! 

 The much-awaited arrival of the latest update to the Farsite ecosystem has arrived! A sale of EPIC proportions has started!  Alpha Crates containing Ships, Modules and extra Credits. Everything needed to make a Giant Leap into the game! No more steps, we have lost gravity and are warping into the next phase of this great games progression to full release. 

Lets talk about the greatness bestowed upon us from the Farsite team. WE GET!- 2 new Stations opening in NEXUS (NYX) and MEBO (MEB) systems next month. For now we have active mining of Asteroids, more AIRDROP awards. Complete a few simple tasks and you too can be mining valuable resources. Airdrop awards will get you a ship and all you need to mine. I do recommend buying a crate. I got a few and I purchased a sector. Currently am gathering resources to construct a base on my sector. 

You can join us now @

Pilot Academy is open, join an academy as a pilot and fly the best assets in the game. 

Details on Newest Sectors Below. 

SMall HIP-41 🌋 (Volcanic) - 17 Sectors Left - 755.000 Cr. HAS-20 🌄 (Earth) - SOLD OUT - 1.077.000 Cr. HADES-10 🌋 (Volcanic) - SOLD OUT - 819.000 Cr. NEX-1 ☣️ (Toxic) - 39 Sectors Left - 713.000 Cr.

Med SEDNA-1 ☣️ (Toxic) - Only 10 Sectors Left - 1.893.000 Cr. MAZU-1 🌋 (Volcanic) - 64 Sectors Left - 2.063.000 Cr. MEB-5 ⛰ (Rock) - 20 Sectors Left - 2.681.000 Cr.

Large NYX-6 💨(Gas) - Only 6 Sectors Left- 4.092.000 Cr. TIHO-6 ⛰ (Rock) - 70 Sectors Left - 4.568.000 Cr.

These Sectors are only on sale till July 21st. Get em while you can! Thats all ladies! 

Remember wherever you go, there you are!

Recon Out!

Pilot Academy Here

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