Privacy Coin XSPEC: Not Dead, Still Kicking

Privacy Coin XSPEC: Not Dead, Still Kicking

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 3 Mar 2020

Many projects that hyped big in 2017 have since been left dead. Some of these saw immense marketcaps in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and are now sitting as useless ERC20 tokens in people’s wallets. Bags that people spent tens of thousands of dollars on are nothing more than shame trophies, useless and shame trophies.

Coins like COSS, QLC, SKY…

SKY was rated at 53.87, and now sits at 0.51. An absolutely horrific nightmare.

If you had spent $1000 on SKY at ATH, you would have a mere $9 left to your name!

COS is dead at $0.006, falling from from $3.04

QLC is dead at $0.14, falling from $1.36

One coin that is still kicking through 2017 and three years later to now is XSPEC.

The price is rough, sitting at 0.09 from an ATH of 6.28.

That fall is just as devastating as any other project, but the surprise is that the coin still has development.

The team recently put an add on Angel.cos for a marketing manager.

They have developed their tech for stealth staking, as the coin is intended to be a privacy coin. So far as I know, it is the only coin capable of offering stealth staking, though this impressive technology has not translated into any serious price movement. The total volume for the coin is some $24,000. Not much, but still far more than other coins left in the post-2017 graveyard.

Following the newsletters, the team is planning some kind of re-brand for their project.

They are continuing development for an android wallet and even received legal advice recently from a lawfirm about the team’s liability when it comes to ‘private’ currencies.

What other projects are out there, quietly hammering away at their intended goals? Plenty, I’m sure, but what will the outcome be?

If this project was able to fulfill its stated goals, what then? There is a working private coin able to be staked stealthly and provides security of user identity. Sounds cool, but what then?

Isn’t the point that it be used for something? As with all projects, the final word comes down to be people using the tech for something fun and interesting and hopefully, empowering. This is just one project I’ve kept my eyes on since the mania of 2017. What about you? Is there a project, not dead, but largely forgotten, with a team still committed to the goals set out before the last crypto mania a few years back?  


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