Mantra On Taking Profits

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 16 Sep 2020

You made the trade, now take the profits.

You were smart. It worked. Now be smart again. 

Take profits.

You wont always make profits, but you did this time.

Take profits. 

Nothing goes up forever. 

Take profits.

Remember when you traded that shitcoin and it worked? 

You were up 20% on your initial.

But you hesitated. What happened?

You didn't take profits and then you lost money. 

So take profits now. 

Don't listen to greed. 

You wont 3x your initial. 

But you can take a bit now if you, simply,

Take profits. 

Don't listen to the moonbois. 

They will hold to zero.

You aren't a moonboi. Because you are about to,

Take profits. 

Stop hesitating. Take profit. 

Put the profits out of shitcoins

and into King Bitcoin or Prince Ethereum.

Re-enter when it is down. 

Exit when it is up. 

You have never regretted taking profits.

You have always regretted not taking profits.

Don't be an insect, unable to think.

Don't be a rock, unable to move. 

Be smart. 

And take your fucking profits. 


This post inspired by my own recent mistakes on not following my own advice. That is all. 

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