BTC: It's NOT Too Late To Buy In!

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 18 Aug 2020

BTC continues to move, and it broke full on through that $12k barrier and hell yeah is that good news.

Remember, it’s still NOT too late to invest in BTC. We are just getting started in terms of moving into the next market cycle, out of the bear market and into a potential bull market. The moment you need to be prepared for is when BTC reaches back to its former ATH of $20k. Anything below that price is still a decent investment with a good ROI.

If we consider the next potential ATH as $100k, you’re looking at a potential ~8x if you were to buy a single BTC right now. Or, assuming you bought at $12,000 and sold perfectly at our goal of $100k, you’re walking off with some $88,000 in profit.

As for how to handle BTC vs altcoins? Expect alts to bleed while BTC pumps. Not in terms of USD, but in terms of BTC sats. Many altcoins will fail to make significant moves until BTC’s major pumps are finished. Some might not even get real moment even after BTC is finished in its waves. If you gain profit in alt coins, don’t be afraid to sell and actually realize the potential value of that altcoin, as opposed to being greedy and hoping that it will just continue pumping forever. Markets can change on a dime.


This is a great infographic, found on /r/cryptocurrency, that demonstrates the price of BTC as opposed to other markets. Also, fuck Jeff Bezos. BTC is STILL not at a top level. Not even close.

We remain still in an accumulation regression band. We haven't left it yet, but we are reaching the peak of that regression band. See the graph below


In any case, regarding what the next 'top' is, remember that in reality we never know. We never really know where things actually will end, but we can expect potential tops based on market moves in the past. Expecting that this cycle will be longer, and will have less of an overall ROI than other cycles, we can expect best world being $80-$100k. This is in line with the belief that volatility of BTC has been decreasing over time. This means that the drops will be less, but the bull markets will also be less spectacular than in the past. 

More than anything, this post is meant to reassure you. It's not too late to put money on BTC. Hold it till it reaches parabolic. But, you are running out of time. I think we will hit $20k at the end of this year. 

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