Stay bold and confident

By Farah ikram | Farah's world | 5 May 2021

Nothing is impossible to achieve in this world because everything you ever wanted,is sitting on the other side of the fear.

This is actually true,fear of the consequences and fear of the upcoming circumstances always keeps us away from the path which leads us towards our goals,the way on which we can turn our dreams into reality.

This is actually our biggest enemy which is trying to obstruct us from the path of success,but our hard and bold ambitions can be fulfilled if we stay thick and firm to our objective.

Our firmness is the thing which keep us to do better every time and to keep us going to look for new ways to conquer our day.So be confident, be bright,be bold and be daring.

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Farah's world
Farah's world

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