Eid Al adha celebrations

By Farah ikram | Farah's world | 3 Aug 2021

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are well,I was not at home since this eid Al adha because we were at our grandparents house to celebrate this beautiful occasion with our family.So I didn't get a chance to share the way I celebrated my Eid al Adha but now I am fully back to share with you all the way I celebrated my Eid.Although this Eid was different from previous ones because of coronavirus,but I enjoyed alot.

As the most important and necessary part of this Eid is the sacrifice that we offer in remembrance of prophet Abraham (A.S) who even goes to the extent of sacrificing his son to please his Lord but Allah SWT replaced his son with ram and he was unharmed.So on the first day of Eid we also offered sacrifices in his remembrance.
This is the picture of our sacrificial animal.
After that,we distributed the meat to the poor and needy.

On every Eid, we siblings go out for dinner but this time we couldn't go out because of coronavirus so we had a barbecue party at home.We had a lot of fun and took many pictures.Here you can see.

On the second day of Eid,my Mom cooked palao(chicken rice).No matter how much we like to eat outside,but the taste we get from mother's hand-made food can't be found in anything outside.It was really tasty.
Although we friends also arrange party on Eid and gathered at the friend's house but this time, I was not at home so I enjoyed it with my cousin sisters.We all planned to visit park and to have lunch at our favorite restaurant. On the way we also enjoyed our favorite songs in the car.Inshort,I enjoyed alot.I hope you all enjoyed your Eid by following the necessary precautions.

The thing I like most about these occasions is that,they provide us opportunity to share our happiness with poor and needy and all those who can't celebrate it with their family.Its a good way to help them.May this eid bring happiness, peace, success and prosperity to everyone. Ameen
Share with us the way you celebrated your Eid?

Pictures are taken by me.

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