Wuhanlovenotes: The Importance of Art in Mental Health

Art is a beautiful way to share the love and share the light in our world. Think of the greats and the modern creators who, with whatever medium they yse, brings a smile and spark into someone's life. Even if its just for a moment, that moment shined light into a darkness that others may not know about.
Art heals and touches communities in so many positive ways. Whether you go to a not so affluent neighborhood and see beautiful illustrations on the wall labeled as street art, or you go to the sidewalks in the parks and see cute little drawings made by some way and form, it ADDS to the environment and to the lives of the community in a positive way.
At Fangimation Studios our simple hope, during the first week of fear when COVID broke out in Wuhan, China, was to help shine some light and love during a time of uncertainty and fear. People we scared. Afraid. Terrified. Some ended up using water jugs as a form of protection. Others released their beloved pets into the streets when they heard you could catch possibly Covid from pets. It was an insanely dark and incredibly unknown time. It was like Frozen 2 song was made for just that moment. But after a week, we just couldn't live like that anymore: mentally, emotionally, it was draining and exhausting. We wanted to change and start thriving again...and we wanted others to do the same. To feel some sort of hope and light.
Wuhanlovenotes allowed us to do just that. We drew images and placed YOUR notes of love and encouragement to Wuhan. It didn't take long to do, at least it didn't feel long. Time doesn't seem relevant when you are living on pure emotion. With Waccom tablet in hand, and a few pictures taken, we sketched and planned.
Then we shared it across the world and that inspired a school in South America to also write lovenotes to Wuhan, China. In the end, the notes of love to Wuhan started to heal people and their mind got a much needed healing break from the world outside of us. One note touched the lives of many people. And those children from across the world shared so much of their light through simple cards.
Can you imagine the depth of impact art has on mental health and your emotional state? More like mental art and a persons overall stability.
It kept us sane to create them, and it healed others sharing them. Here at Fangimation Studios we never expected to be so blessed and lucky to continually and positively touch people’s lives through art. And we will continue to do so!


Don’t forget to check out the Wuhanlovenotes video and our recent interview with @drsusanfeneck_official about this very topic!

Take care 💜

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