Why Solana will 10x

In a previous blog post I covered solana community statistics which oriented the origin of this article which you're reading right now. 

Solana has been growing steadily for the past 2 years - specifically growth in developers and new projects on the blockchain - consistently. Not to mention solana recently topping an all time high (congrats to everyone that sold at the top!) which really spiked its' popularity.

Solana has been on the news a few times recently believe it or not, sometimes being on there for good news, and sometimes for bad. 


I've been following Solana's recent developments, and one thing that had caught my attention was their deal with Visa. This specific deal has the potential to genuinely drive up the price of Solana's SOL. However, it's interesting to note that despite this news, Solana's price had been experiencing HEAVY dips.

The reason behind these dips, as I discovered, was primarily linked to a strong shift in community sentiment and thought towards bearishness. I found this info mainly on the Solana Discord community. It's quite common in the cryptocurrency world for prices to react to changes in market sentiment, and in this case, a bearish idea in the community seems to have impacted Solana's price negatively - in a massive way (we're talking 

Partnerships like the one with Visa are significant for blockchain projects like Solana as they can lead to increased adoption and confidence in the platform. Regardless, it's important to remember that the crypto world is incredibly volatile, and prices can fluctuate for various reasons, even when positive news emerges.

Solana offers insanely good scalability. Its' unique mechanism, Proof of History, combined with a high performance chain, allows it to genuinely process thousands of transactions per second (which is just mindblowing). This scalability not only makes sure that you're able to get quick and cost-effective transactions but it also accommodates a wide range of decentralized applications with ease. Solana's throughput capabilities far exceed those of many other blockchain networks.


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