Why Bitcoin Won't Stop At $100,000

Bitcoin has always been one of the most interesting tokens in the world, the marketcap does not disagree with that statement. 

I've heard critics try and defame bitcoin by saying that it won't be king foverver. But i genuinely believe it will. Crypto ATMs all around the world aren't popping up for other cryptocurrencies. It's all just bitcoin. Why do you think they were named BTMs? Bitcoin ATMs. 

Bitcoin ATMs are here to stay, I can tell you that as a legitimate fact because I've used a ton of them and it's one of the most efficient peices of technology I've ever come across.

I had bought 150$ of bitcoin through an ATM the other day and it only took 40 seconds until the tokens reached my wallet.

To be fair, I did have to pay a 5$ fee which meant I had only received 145$ in my trustwallet, that beats alot of vendors oonline vendors, especially the ones on paxful.com forcing you to pay over 10% in fees for a singular 150$ crypto transaction.

That could've been a 15$ fee insteadof 5$ which is actually pretty low for an in-person currency conversion. Swapping currencies costs more when compared to buying bitcoin. That's mindblowing.

The ATM I used stated that all transactions above 1,000$ have a 0.9% transaction fee for swapping from fiat to bitcoin. (Which is super low!)

That beats coinbase, kraken, moonpay, and a bunch of other different crypto exchanges. That's mindblowing in of itself. The best part is, it gets even cheaper at times when you check out different companies.

Sometimes they offer a 0.75% exchange fee when it's over 5,000$ which is just mind baffling. It makes it extremely convenient for anyone to get into crypto, at any price they wish. 

The only downside Is that it sometimes gets hard to sell your bitcoin for cash without hefty fees, so what I do is just keep it in my wallet until a day comes where there's a 1% fee for turning your crypto into cash. Hypothetically, I could just go to a BATM based company and ask them to do it for me, but they'll likely charge a much higher fee, something like 5% even if it's thousands of dollars since they're a business that rely on different sorts of margins...and ofcourse, they need a reasonably good profit in order to be interested in an exchange that isn't in the millions of dollars. I've never tried but who knows. 

This atm charges a 4% fee. Similar to the one I had mentioned earlier. 5$ on 150$. 


I surely think Bitcoin will likely reach a price of 60k again - ESPECIALLY after the spot approvals that some big hedgefund managers expect to occur within the next several weeks. Really excited to see the financial world get into crypto and as far away as possible from CBDCs. 


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