Schools Are Failing You

Schools are training you to be a cuckold. You're sitting there in a classroom. Witnessing uselessness infront of your eyes. Told not to move. You're stuck in a perpetual state of a lack of action. I'm stuck in a world of action, so every time I enter a classroom, it is so infinitely more boring than the world around it and the result is that everyone in the class is a retard that's designed to be lazy as well. Most classrooms encourage students to do less, and not more. Everything is spoon fed to you. This is not how the real world works. In the real world, the information is not handed to you on a silver plate for you to "study" and then "take an exam". The information is out there, you're supposed to find it, learn it, USE IT in PRACTICE. Not in theory like how schools suggest. 

Schools are making you confused and less educated through the learning of 2 languages in a controlled environment. One of the smartest men in the world once said that there was no point to learning a 2nd language if you didn't even know your first language. Do you even know 50,000 words from the english dictionary? There are 170,000 words in active use, 20,000-30,000 used by each individual. Over 1,000,000 words in the english language. You're telling me you don't even know 5% of the english language and you already take spanish and french in highschool? Clown world. If you don't believe me, comment the defenitions of the following words without googling them, or atleast to the best of your knowledge: 

- Ameliorate

- Aberration

- Adumbrate

- Protean

- Quixotic

Give it your best shot. There are people that know over 200,000 words in the english dictionary..How on earth can you be content with 20,000-30,000 words being in yours? 

Schools are designed to waste your time through unuseful learning and a lack of real world knowledge. They want you to know as little as possible about the real world, that way when you're out of school, you're purposely not educated and don't know what to expect and have to rely on your parents and most importantly, the authority. (government funding since you're a student - also designed to make you more lazy) 


The only reason the above statistic exists is because women learn more efficiently in a school environment. Men learn best through doing, while women learn best through being idle. That's how they're moving the scales against men without you even knowing it. 

I've only met 2 academics in my whole life that were the best in the school that were legitimately masculine. I've met countless class performers, and everyone apart from those 2 were feminine in the way they spoke and behaved. I plan on becoming an academic, only temporarily, and I sure as hell won't be feminine while I do it.

I dislike school and everything it stands for, I also make money on the side and this blog is just used as a journal. I also love you guys and really do want to pull you out of the gutter. I don't sell anything, I'll never mislead you, only show you the truth you've been missing out from all this time. 

I'm forced to work hard in school with innefficient learning techniques. So I make my own. I'll share these with you guys in future posts. (Mostly include watching videos and paying full attention with no breaks. I'm for efficiency and maximum learning in the shortest amount of time possible. That's a sneakpeak for ya. Schools usually encourage textbook reading...that's for the slow mfers.)

Cheers to posts like these.


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