Elon Musk Sponsors Doge, “X” Token Pumps 20,000%!

Elon Musk had just recently put a Dogecoin on his Twitter profile. It resulted in the price shooting up 9% which really isn’t much considering how previous posts of his had sometimes made the price shoot up by nearly 100%.


Dogecoin’s Chart can be found here:


Elon had also just swiped the @x handle from an ACTIVE user. Offering some merch and a meeting with twitter executives as compensation. He didn’t pay for it, didn’t buy it, just took It. I suppose those are some of the benefits you get after paying 44 billion dollars for a nonprofit organization..(it’s a joke)- this is actually unethical but seems legit as he does own the website after all. There’s nothing someone could actually do about it. Even if they tried their very hardest.

A twitter user, Naoki Hiroshima, said he was offered $50,000 for his @n handle. The original @x account user said he would’ve sold the name if offered a good amount. He never specified what amount this could’ve been.

In other news,

An X token, presumably with no correlation to the actual platform, had just shot up over 20,000% after the recent rebrand of twitter. Isn’t that insane? Imagine making back 200X your money. 
If we put in $10, we’d have over $2,000. That’s just unfathomable. I can’t wrap my mind around how insane some of these pumps are. It launched on the 25th of this month. 


After the recent rebrand, twitter has shot up in popularity. Market sentiment is extremely positive on the topic of “X” - aka. Twitter.

Twitter is now an “everything app”. You’re soon going to be able to purchase things through it as Elon had once suggested - making twitter a bank, online store, and payment gateway. That’s for another time though.

Cheers everyone and stay tuned for more interesting news.

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