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By NoizceEra | Factions Of Freedom | 25 Mar 2022


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Money regenerates, time does not. That’s the theme of this episode in more ways than one. Let me go ahead and tell you that if you’re expecting the latest updates with the war in Ukraine, or the latest bombshell relating to the vaccine or how the globalists are conditioning us through austerity measures for The Great Reset, then this isn’t the transmission you’re looking for. Seriously, this isn’t the episode where we cover any of that.

In this week’s transmission, you’ll hear me talk about the core of what’s going on in my own personal life and how I’m at a crossroads with what to do regarding this operation. If you’re reading this and didn’t know, I just got done spending roughly 5 days in Florida will millionaires and billionaires who, let’s just say, are aware of The Great Reset and know that the vertical consolidation of the economy is beginning to take place. I was reached out to and requested to work with them in some capacity, some of which I get into in this show.

That’s still not the main thing though, and you’ll hear me address that. It’s about the need to become more productive as they shut the power down. How, in our current configuration, we’re spinning our wheels, battling propaganda instead of being a positive force for good and the frustration that comes with making that quantum leap in understanding. All of these things, combined with my recent NFT acquisitions and research culminate in a powerful off-the-rails type show that breaks the traditional show format.

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