Take your trash with you before the snails do it for you ...

By Dimarss | Faces of Nature | 25 Jun 2019

Hello to you, who read this now!

Unfortunately, the abundance of garbage - the scourge of modern cities, and the larger the settlement - the greater the abundance of garbage around it ...

Around us there seems to be a lot of not asphalted green shady places full of living creatures, but from the traces of rest on the nature the our "reasonable" brothers impossible to hide anywhere((

But I recently noticed an interesting feature, carelessly left by coffee lovers in places absolutely unsuitable for that, cups, after the rains began to dissolve as if by themselves!
A little later, I noticed the reason for such a “magic dissolution” of paper waste:


Yes, these are snails!
For some reason, these cardboard cups madly attract grape snails, it can be straight for 3-4 snails on one cup. It looks so amazing to me!!!


A rather strange behavior for living things, given that the cardboard is bleached by chemical means and can hardly be considered edible! Although what to talk about snails, when many of us do not disdain fast food, not to mention the use of cigarettes and alcohol))

And who in this situation comes most far-sighted??))


I demonstrated this not so that we would leave the cleaning of our garbage to the forces of nature, but often that unconscious snails do more good to our house than some conscious people. This is really sad

And besides, it is not known for certain - are they have tummy pains afterwards a such cleaning...

Appreciate your home and be a worthy representative of your species!

Camera NikonW300


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Faces of Nature

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