Heroes & Empires is a Money grab

By fabio- | fabio | 25 Nov 2021

Heroes & Empires ( is a 'new' blockchain game released on the BSC that uses the HE token. Its Mainnet was released this week (as of 23.11.2021)

I joined in to check on the game and study its Play-to-earn structure. Quick summary: it's terrible. Its mechanics are pretty familiar to the mobile game Idle Heroes. The only difference is in that to start playing, you need at least one hero that can be purchased from the marketplace, and the heroes are all NFTs. Pretty interesting content and structure.

The mechanics however... After understanding them, I immediately regret joining; sold all the NFTs at a 50% loss. But hey, it beats a 100% loss. The game is a money grab, and I'll explain you why.

First of all, it is not a p2e game. Have no doubt about it. You can't consistently make a dime with it (apart from the lucky few who joined and sold the first NFTs). Let's consider the main incomes a player can get for HE tokens: daily quests and weekly quests. Together, they can get you 320 HE/week. At today's price of 0.60 USD, that racks up 192 USD. Pretty neat, huh? Yeah, except that well... You have to pay to get those.

For the daily quest, after completing all the free tasks, you will still have to complete at least one of 3: 2 campaigns, 2 towers, or summon 1 hero. Problem is, they all cost something. At first, it might not seem so, since you may take the campaigns and the tower slowly. But eventually, your heroes will lack behind in progress, and you won't be able to do the quests. So your option is summoning a hero. And it costs... A staggering 50 HE. So yeah, you'll be netting a daily loss of -15 HE.

Now for the weekly quest, we find the same problem. You'll have to either win 10 tower rounds or summon 20 heroes. And this will yield a weekly loss of -925 HE to do so. So your only real income that's achievable is 10 HE/day, unless you start putting more money in the game to keep levelling. And what can you do with 10 HE/day? Close to nothing.

You might wonder: but isn't this structure good? It means that the deflationary checks are all in the right place, so that HE can go up in price, and the game can benefit the long term hodlers. And I agree that some of these might be good, but the team has gone too far. One simply cannot win tokens by playing the game, it demands a constant inflow of cash for you to recover your investment. Until enough people do the maths, and this house of cards comes crumbling down...

Don't forget the heroes market. You can sell the heroes to the market to new joiners in order to make your money back. That should be interesting, until the market gets flooded with the supply of new heroes from people trying to recover their investment, and prices crash. Which is already happening, by the way... The thing is: heroes being sold is the only way for players to try to get their investment back. So they have every incentive to do so!

Make no mistake: this is not naïve on the developers' side, it's deliberate. These games for mobile (like Idle Heroes) have the structure of a money-grabIt's simply a port from a money-grab mobile game to a money-grab cryptogame. You can't recover your investment, it's an attrition war in the long run.

Always DYOR, but I did mine, and sold w/e I could, because this model is absolutely unsustainable.

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