Snx to grow

Will SNX hit $20?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 18 Dec 2020

For those who have never tried SNX, it is not too late. This token has a huge potential. For the SNX hodlers, I would recommend to keep it for a while:

  • By conception, SNX tracks stocks and other assets. When stocks increase like today, it increases. When BTC or gold increases, it increases too... No limit
  • To track those assets you have to stake SNX on Mintr. The more you want to invest, the more you stake. SNX creates new hodlers everyday
  • If you do not want to stake on Mintr (e.g. due to high Ethereum network fees), there are other solutions to get good staking rewards, e.g.Β Celsius
  • Everytime DeFi tokens increase, SNX increases significantly, and when they decrease, SNX decreases too, but less, due to the points above
  • The total number of active stakers has increased by 188% in 1 year to reach 7631 - it's a spectacular growth, but there is still a huge potential...

For all these reasons, I think SNX will continue to grow. If you do not want to take any risk, you can get free coins (link below), exchange them for SNX and hodl them onΒ CelsiusΒ to earn interest... That's a good way to start.

You may click on this link to earn crypto & invest free of charge.

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