SUSHI x2 by this summer
SUSHI can double by this summer

SUSHI x2 by this summer

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 1 May 2021

SUSHI has never been so low vs. BNB.

It has likely hit the bottom, and the SUSHI season is about to start.

BNB is at its ATH now and hence might pull back below $600 if it does not breakout, whereas SUSHI is so low compared to BNB that it will likely surge.

The potential of Sushiswap is still there, the value is stuck due to Ethereum fees which are killing DeFi on Ethereum. Sushiswap exported on other blockchains but is not as successful as the pure BSC DeFi projects such as Pancakeswap. This situation will change with the Ethereum EIP 1559 update in July which will significant reduce the gas fees and will bring back DeFi farmers to Ethereum network and Sushiswap protocol, by far the best one.

SUSHI can double by this summer.

As usual, it is only my point of view, and I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research and click on this link to get more insight into cryptos.

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