Is This Bitcoin's BIGGEST Comeback Yet?! (MicroStrategy Makes HUGE Move)

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 27 Feb 2024

Just saw some crazy news about Bitcoin hitting the $57k mark, and it got me thinking about what this all means for the future of crypto. Remember that whole ETF liquidity thing we were talking about, specifically Grayscale? Well, it seems like things are finally heating up on that front.

Plus, MicroStrategy just went on another buying spree, grabbing another 3,000 BTC for a cool $155 million. That brings their total stash to a whopping 193,000 Bitcoins, which they snagged for an average price of $31,544 each. Talk about hodling for the long haul!

Now, here's the thing: MicroStrategy is famous for shouting from the rooftops whenever they buy, but they stay pretty quiet when they sell. This whole situation has me wondering – is this just another pump and dump like what happened back in fall 2021?

I kinda wish I cashed out back then… So, the big question is: are we headed for another moon landing with the Bitcoin halving coming up, or is this just another fleeting moment of glory?

I went ahead and sold some of my altcoins, like PYTH, but my Bitcoin? I'm holding onto that for now... at least until things become a bit clearer.

Is this the start of something big, or just another false alarm? As usual, this is not financial advice... Please DYOR.

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