How I Created My First NFT on Base with Zora

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 18 Sep 2023

If you have a Coinbase wallet, you have probably noticed that you can regularly mint free NFTs on Base, the Ethereum layer-2 chain of Coinbase. However, most of the time, it is totally useless. In fact, the most useful NFTs might be the ones which could make you eligible for a potential airdrop. And among these potential airdrop NFTs, there are the ones created with Zora.

What is Zora?

Zora is a marketplace for NFTs. They have raised $60 million. You can read my article on Medium to get further instructions on how to get the airdrop.

NFT marketplace airdrops can be huge. In February 2023, over 115,000 recipients were eligible to claim BLUR tokens with an average airdrop value of around USD 3,000 per user.

Will there be a Zora airdrop?

As usual, nothing has been confirmed yet. There is a rule regarding crypto airdrops: If a project announced from the beginning that there will be an airdrop, it is likely a scam. Therefore, that’s good news that Zora did not explicitly officialize the airdrop. However, they mentioned in the Rewards Programs paragraph of their Terms of service that there may be an airdrop:

Zora, in its sole discretion, may offer you certain incentives and rewards for your use of the Services, which may include, but not be limited to, airdrops of crypto assets to the Wallet used on the Services.

How to get eligible for a potential Zora airdrop?

The best way to get eligible is to use Zora services. You can bridge some ETH from Ethereum mainnet to Zora network, which is a layer-2 on Ethereum network. However, this will consume a lot of gas fees. You can also mint NFTs on Zora through other networks as shown below:

To pay the lowest gas fees, you can use Optimism or Base. I would recommend to use Base, since it could make you eligible for a potential Base airdrop too, and hence you could kill two birds with one stone.

Now, all you need to do is to find some NFTs that can be freely minted on Zora through Base network. Here is an example of such an NFT, that I created:




To mint it for free, please click on this link:

You will need to pay a mint fee of 0.000777 ETH. Therefore, you need first to bridge a little bit of ETH to Base. You can for instance withdraw some ETH from a centralized exchange like Coinbase to your ETH account address (starting with 0x) on Base network. The remaining ETH on Base after the minting can be used to test Base network in order to increase the probability of receiving a potential Base airdrop.


Although Zora has not yet officially confirmed it, they mentioned that the users of their services may receive an airdrop. Minting an NFT for a mint fee of USD 1.3 could make you eligible for this upcoming airdrop.

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