ETH BTC flippening

Ethereum market cap is already half of Bitcoin... Get ready for the big flippening

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 15 May 2021

I know the maximalists will hate me.

Come on guys... ETH will continue to pump until the EIP 1559 and afterwards... Whereas BTC sucks currently since Elon dropped it.

Ok, ETH is not eco-friendly either, but it will be better once ETH 2.0 is fully launched, because it's a real proof-of-stake token... With the power of Ethereum network behind...

Bitcoin is a cool idea from the beginning, but it's like the first car which was invented... Nobody would like to drive it anymore. It's good that it existed, necessary for everyone, great job, but now some other cryptos will take the lead, and ETH could be the #1 soon, followed by other proof-of-stake tokens.

I told you... The maximalists will hate me. Please note it's only my point of view. Do your own research and keep safe.

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