Chainlink will make you happy

Chainlink will make you happy

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 15 Jan 2021

While all eyes are turned towards Bitcoin and the growing Polkadot, the Chainlink token LINK is growing significantly too... and almost silently.

Why is it growing suddenly?

Because Paxos has announced they adopt Chainlink oracles for their new DeFi projects. However, it is deeper than that: for all DeFi projects, Chainlink is the main option for oracles. The only real alternative is Band Protocol, but they got a smaller part of the cake.

Why are oracles needed for DeFi?

Because there is an increasing number of flash loan attacks, and the best way to prevent them is to use oracles.

How far can it grow?

By hitting its All-Time-High, Chainlink has entered price discovery mode, and the technical indicators suggest a new bull run.

Please note that it is not a financial advice. I suggest long term hodling for LINK. You may use Celsius Network, which gives pretty good staking rewards.

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