Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Ethereum (ETH) - Which One Will Finally Win?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 10 May 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) advantages:

  • Max supply: 21 million
  • Proof-Of-Work reliability
  • Decentralized & censorship-resistant
  • No official founder
  • The most well-known crypto

Ethereum (ETH) advantages:

  • Becoming deflationary
  • Proof-Of-Stake scalability for ETH 2.0
  • Decentralized apps & smart contracts
  • Community-run blockchain
  • The most well-known altcoin

Although Bitcoin has a first mover advantage, Ethereum is so powerful that ETH will flip BTC. It is just a matter of time. 

Note: it is not a financial advice. Please DYOR.

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