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By BigNickDigger | Extra Cash Blog | 14 Apr 2023

In my search for free money I have come across a few offers that are almost too good to be true. But they are. Anyone in need of a little extra cash, be sure to claim these offers.

First, is a so called social casino. You can go on there and gamble with real money, allowing you to win or lose real money.  The free cash here comes from their daily bonus.  Each day you can claim 10,000 points which is equal to $1.  You can claim this every 24 hours.  Once you save enough points, or if you gamble with them and win, you can cash them out to your PayPal or bank account.  Don't quote me on this but I believe it takes 56 days of points to get to the threshold, and the system takes about $2 for processing.

It only takes a few seconds each day to claim your daily points, making this offer totally worth it. Start saving now.

Just join here

They are a truly social casino with chat room you can jump right into and discuss your favorite games.  They are dedicated to allowing people to play for free with free coins from daily bonuses and anytime you buy coins, you can mail a request, win them from games and many other ways.

The best signup offer that I have located is by far Webull. Webull is a stock trading platform that makes it super easy to learn stock and crypto trading. New users can fund their account with just one cent, a penny, and get 12 free stocks! These stocks are valued from $3-3000! So for your one cent investment you are guaranteed at least $36 in free stocks but typically you are gifted between $50 and $60 in free stocks. They also have offers that gift you in free crypto!  They have the best rewards system around and top notch customer service as well. 

Once you get your free stocks it is a fast and easy process to sell those stocks and deposit the money into your bank where you can use it how you want. So, for an initial investment of one cent and a 4-5 day wait you earn $36 minimum.  Once a member you can take advantage of their referrals program which pays out around $100 per referral and how hard could it be to refer friends to an offer like this. You could be earning a nice income from Webull now. Follow this link and sign up now and get your 12 free stocks.

My next topic for this post is passive income. Passive income is basically making money for doing nothing. Well I have an app that does just that for you. It is called Honeygain. Just install Honeygain on your phone or computer and when you aren't using your device Honeygain uses your unused data and they pay you for it. Now it typically takes about 2-3 months to reach the payout threshold of $20 but that is using one device.  You can add multiple devices to your account to earn more rewards. Also you can check the honey pot daily for free rewards. Use this link and get a $5 bonus to get you started.

There are many forms of passive income that can make you real money and don't cost much, if anything, to start such as making a video course, writing a book, and affiliate marketing.  If you have some funds available, investing in and staking crypto can earn you real money passively.  At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin's price has risen by 84% in four months.  That is mind boggling.

Referrals are a great way to earn extra money.  There are thousands of companies willing to compensate you for bringing them new customers.  Some pay better than others, so shop around.  If you are in a position where you can get lots of people to listen to you and try things out, this can be very lucrative for you.  Some of these services practically sell themselves and do not need much help from you, so all you may need to do is post a link or an ad on social media.

This article was meant to give you a general idea of several ways to generate yourself some extra income.  I hope it has inspired some ideas and brings you some new found wealth.  Thank you.

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I am an artist, writer and an affiliate marketer. I have been doing these things for 20 years and I want to share with you what I have learned and how you can use it to profit.

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