An Interoperable Blockchain approaches Alphanet stage

EXRT Network Alphanet release slated for Q2, 2020

There are hundreds of diverse blockchain networks in the market. However, most of these Blockchains (including BTC/ETH) are not able to communicate with each other. That lack of interoperability in existing blockchains’ hinders enterprise solutions in many use cases, and is a barrier in the journey towards Crypto mass adoption.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin in March this year suggested a DEX-bridge solution is seriously needed for the “embarrassing” lack of easy movement between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.1126fa7c788581f30e6e9e50e93536789441943ace939ea242fe78051c3f9657.png

The Solution

EXRT Network is a protocol for crosschain value and data transfer between distributed ledgers (blockchains like BTC/ETH). It is being developed by the EXRNchain team. EXRT is designed to support and secure the EXRNchain ecosystem of decentralized crosschain applications (DApps).

The complex multi-chain network can be used by developers to create and run DApps, blockchain projects, protocols, issue a token or launch a token sale, and over a dozen use-cases.

The coming Alphanet release, which is a private testnet that will have alpha protocol of EXRNchain (crosschain ability) connected to it, is slated for Q2 2020. It will be the main backbone for testing crosschain and audition of issues.

EXRNchain has two core tokens in it’s ecosystem: EXRN (ERC20) and EXRT (Mainnet 2021).



Without blockchain interoperability, there will be no mass adoption

The idea of inter-connected blockchains is fascinating and important for Crypto mass adoption, and is what attracted me to the EXRNchain project. Looking forward to participating in their alphanet release this 2020 year.



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