Let Them Eat Cake - Details on Pancake's New Cake Vault

If you've been following Pancake's latest news, a few things might come to mind:

1. Price has been on a tear, steadily moving up the rankings on Coingecko

2. Volume passed Uniswap (gas fees, gas fees, and gas fees might have something to do with it)

3. New features on their site!

Number 3 is what I want to do a quick write up about. The last few days they have released new features including a prediction market and their own auto-compounding CAKE feature (often called a vault).

What is a vault?

Vaults are tools that auto-compound LPs or single assets. This can save you fees and time by doing the work for you in exchange for a small fee (performance, entry, withdrawal, etc). Until now, if you wanted to compound your CAKE, you'd have to do it yourself ($$$) or use an external vault like Beefy, Harvest, Bunny, Autofarm, ACryptoS, or others. There are a lot of competing vaults and they may still be a better value (for example Harvest also gives rewards in bFarm), but now there is even more competition - Pancake itself.

What do we know?

1. Fees - Pancake is advertising no entrance fee, a small withdrawal fee (0.1%) if withdrawn within 72 hours, and a performance fee of 2% that is subtracted from each harvest.

2. Where do the fees go? Burning CAKE! A number of features on Pancake are aimed at reducing inflation, and their new auto-compounder is a new source of burning.

None of this is financial advice of course, but it gets me reevaluating where my CAKE is staked.

Thanks for reading and thanks to this great community!

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